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A Typical Session

8.45 a.m. or 12.20 p.m. Self-registration. 

This involves the children coming into the session and selecting a Chestnut tree card with their photo and name on it. They then post it onto our self-registration board. Their parent or carer is responsible for ensuring that their child’s name has been marked off on our register, before their child enters into a short free play time with their peers after which children will join together to sing our Welcome Song.


9.05a.m. or 12.40p.m. Small group time

Children spend time with their key person to carry out activities planned around their interests. During this time their key person will make observations on the children to assess their progress and to identify the next steps in each child’s development.


9.20a.m. or 12.55 p.m. Free play time. 

The children are free to explore the indoor and outdoor environments. Activities during this time are both adult and child initiated to ensure children have time to explore the environment independently but also have opportunities to think critically and extend their learning with adult support and guidance. During this time children will have the opportunity to visit our Snack Table to have a healthy snack and a drink of milk or water. We promote the development of children’s independence skills and during this time children are encouraged to wash their hands, to take managed risks by being supported to use knives (safety knives) to cut fruit and jugs to pour their own drinks.The children are then encouraged to wash up their own cups.

11.00a.m. or 14.30p.m. Tidy up time.

11.15a.m. or 2.45p.m. Phonics time

At this time the children are split into three groups depending on their age and ability. Children will spend some focused time in their groups involved in phonics activities, maths, or story time.


11.30 a.m. or 3.00p.m. End of session activity.

This may involve musical movement, action songs, watering in the sensory garden to extend children’s understanding of the world, ring games, or activities on the interactive whiteboard, to name but a few. This will take place just before the children are collected for home time, or attend lunch club if they are staying after the morning session.